Wild Imagination


Do you take the time to let your imagination run wild sometimes?

The other day we had a big snow storm here, I felt like I was back in Montreal where I grew up!

At one point in the day I looked out of our home office window at the enormous pine tree in our neighbour’s front yard. My eyes suddenly focused on a certain part of it and my imagination kicked in. A huge majestic lion was enjoying the snow fall! Once my imagination saw that, my eyes couldn’t un-see it! I knew this lion would disappear when the snow melted so I had to get out and take a photo of him while he was there. Later I found an image of a real lion that captured exactly what I saw, isn’t he handsome?

As we get busy when we get older we forget to do these things, but sometimes it’s fun to take a moment to look at things a little differently and use your imagination to see where it’ll take you!

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