Most Women Are Rushers… What Are You?


It’s not just what you eat but rather the way you eat that will lead you to living a healthier lifestyle. Determining your eating personality may be a winning factor in the battle against the bulge.

Researchers in Britain report that there are seven types of over-eaters. A whopping 69 percent of the 500 women surveyed classify themselves as Rushers.

Types of eaters:

Rushers make bad eating choices because they don’t have time to prepare proper meals;

Pickers snack between meals;

Bingers starve themselves all week and then eat a huge amount all at once;

Settlers put on weight during relationships by eating the same sized portions as their partners;

Rewarders use food to reward themselves for good deeds or getting through a tough situation;

Socialisers use getting together with friends and family to eat more and drink more than they normally would;

Comforters turn to food when they’re feeling stressed, sad, or disappointed.

I’m a combo of sorts. I’m part Binger, part Rewarder, part Socializer, and part Comforter. What type of eater are you?

For more information on the types of eaters listed above and tips for breaking poor eating habits, please visit Reveal.

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