Simple DIY Project: A Floating Headboard


We are in the process of updating my son’s bedroom. Now that he’s a teenager, it’s time to cover up the Tonka color walls with a stone grey (his choice), replace the skateboard themed comforter with a solid navy blue comforter (his choice). We agreed that the chocolate brown floor-length curtains can stay. And we—sorry, he—found the perfect desk (thank you IKEA). So far, so good. We are in agreement on all updates.

Our son still sleeps in a bunk bed—which he loves—but it’s definitely gotta go since he’s growing like a weed. The costs of updating his room have been minimal. That being said, the new bed will set us back so I was on the hunt for a headboard that wouldn’t burn a hole in our bank account.

I was very excited when I found this floating headboard! All we need is four boards, a sanding block, a can of stain, and Command Strips by 3M? That’s my kind of DIY project!

For more information on how to build this floating headboard, please visit Hazzard’s Hypotheses.

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Have a fun Friday,

Sugarblue Babes

(Photo collage by Brian Hazzard)


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