A Fresh Take on Tying a Scarf



Spring is just around the corner, right? But it can’t seem to come soon enough this year, can it? In places where there’s usually snow, there’s been a ton of it. And in places where there’s normally sunshine, there’s been buckets of rain.

I don’t know about you, but I’ve been getting pretty tired of wearing my winter coat, scarf, hat, and mitts day after day after day (it’s true, I prefer mittens over gloves). Lately, my scarf feels more like a noose around my neck than a fashionable accessory to help keep the cold from seeping into my bones.

Then I found this creative way of wearing a scarf. It’s fresh and fun. And I get lots of compliments when I wear my scarf tied this way. It’s the little things, right? A new twist on something old somehow makes it seem new again. Just a few more weeks till spring…

For more fresh ideas on how to tie a scarf, please visit A Cup of Jo.

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Have a fun weekend,

Sugarblue Babes

(Photos by Alpha Smoot)


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