How’s Your New Year’s Resolution Holding Up?

Give yourself a pat on the back. You successfully rang in the New Year, survived your New Year hangover, and tackled your first full week back at work (post holidays) like a warrior.

Now that you’re facing the mid-January blahs head on, how’s your New Year’s resolution holding up?

At work yesterday, I heard a heavy sigh coming from the office directly across from mine.

“What’s up?” I asked.

“I made a New Year’s resolution to leave the office at 5 o’clock every day and it’s almost 6:30!” groaned my co-worker.

“I hate to say it but it’s 5 o’clock somewhere,” I said.

“I should have been more specific when I made my resolution!” she grumbled.

Yep. If you want to make a New Year’s resolution that’s gonna stick, remember to choose your words carefully and be as specific as possible with your wording.

And if your resolution falls off, don’t despair! When you were a kid learning to ride a bike what did you do when you fell off? Right! You hopped right back on and kept peddling.

So if your resolution has fallen off track, set it straight, refocus, and keep going. You owe it to yourself to see it through, don’t you?

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Elphie Selfie

elphie selfie

Events manager Scott Brierley definitely has a photo like no other. On a recent visit to the West Midlands Safari Park in Worcestershire, England, Brierley accidentally dropped his iPhone out the car window as he and friend drove through the elephant zone.

“The elephant was all over it—I think he thought it was food,” said Brierley. “I didn’t dare get out the car to get it. I just drove to one of the workers I could see and he went to get it.”

When staff returned his iPhone, Brierley realized that 22-year-old elephant Latabe had accidentally taken a selfie on it, using her trunk.

Head keeper Andy Plumb said: “Lots of people have dropped their phones at our park but I’ve never seen anything like this. What a picture—we’re very proud of Latabe.”

The 200-acre West Midlands Safari Park opened to the public in April 1973.

elphie selfie 2

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Most People Tell Lies Everyday


A study conducted by University of Massachusetts psychologist Robert S. Feldman found that, during a 10-minute conversation, 60 percent of people lied at least once.

“People tell a considerable number of lies in everyday conversation. It was a very surprising result. We didn’t expect lying to be such a common part of daily life,” said Feldman.

Feldman also found that lies told by women and men are different in content, but not in quantity. “Women were more likely to lie to make the person they were talking to feel good, while men lied most often to make themselves look better,” said Feldman.

“It’s so easy to lie,” remarked Feldman. When we are children, we are taught that honesty is the best policy. But somewhere along the way this message gets twisted when, for example, we are told to be polite and pretend we like a gift we have been given. This mixed message about lying can’t help but have an impact on our behavior as adults.

For more information on this study, please visit UMass Amherst News & Media Relations.

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Feeling Stressed? Quick! Seek Out the Color Blue!


Color affects our mood, feelings, and emotions. It’s that simple. Glancing at a particular color can leave you feeling anxious, or stressed, or calm and relaxed.

If you’ve been to a spa, you’ve probably noticed the use of the color blue on the walls, or in the accents used to decorate the spa. That’s because no other color helps us unwind like the color blue. It triggers feelings of peace and relaxation instantly, and has been scientifically proven to help reduce stress.

Feeling stressed right now? Take a moment to look at the image of sky and water above with its variations of blues. It’s bound to help change your mood for the better.

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What’s Your Sleep Position?


Do you have a favorite sleep position? In a recent study, Dr. Calvin Kai-Ching Yu, an associate professor at Hong Kong Shue Yan University, examined the sleeping patterns of 700 adults. “Sleep position—whether you sleep on your back, belly, or side—can affect what you dream about,” says Dr. Yu. He found that sleeping on your belly evokes the strangest, creepiest, and sexiest (yes, sexiest) dreams.

Results of a 2004 study in Sleep and Hypnosis show that people who sleep on their right side generally have happy, calm, and comforting dreams. People who tend to sleep on their left side are prone to more nightmares.

People generally change positions as they sleep throughout the night but sleeping on your side is “by far the most popular, followed by back, and then belly,” says Dr. Yu.

So, if you fall asleep on your belly, you may find yourself… running through an open field at night, storm brewing in the skies above, while holding hands with an alien that looks like George Clooney!

For information on this topic, please visit Prevention.

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(Photo by Natasha Capstick)

Seal of Approval


Grey seals are the UK’s largest breeding seals. A staggering half of the world’s grey seal population lives along British coasts. A newborn seal pup weighs approximately 30 pounds (14 kilograms). Their mother’s milk is very high in fat (60%), so they grow quickly and develop the layer of blubber that is crucial to their survival. Without the blubber layer, seals would not be able to maintain their body temperature out at sea.

Jason Neilus, and fellow divers, recently dove into the waters along the coast of the Farne Islands in Northumberland, England. They’ve been visiting this spot for the past six years to greet the seal pups. Neilus and the other divers were blown away by the playful interaction they encountered with the seals. Lucky for us, the awesome adventure was captured on film!

If this video doesn’t make you feel happy, we don’t know what will.

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(Screen capture Vimeo)
(Video by Jason Neilus)