Lost Luggage May Soon Be a Thing of the Past

Hotel Chic & Basic Ramblas, Barcelona : the reception - So THAT'S where all the lost luggage goes!!

It is estimated that a whopping 26 million bags are lost each year. That being said, lost luggage may soon be a thing of the past—thanks to a new tracking system.

Some companies and airlines are developing a digital tag and tracking device that will eventually replace paper tags. This tracking system will allow travellers to easily locate lost luggage through the use of a smartphone app. It will also make the checking-in process quicker.

“Our aim is to take the stress out of travel and put you in control of your bag,” said David van Hoytema, a co-founder of FastTrack Company. Air France-KLM has joined forces with FastTrack to develop a tracking system that works through a smartphone app.

British Airlines, and Air France-KLM hope to have their systems in place by the end of the year.

For more information on this travelling tracking system, please visit The Luggage Tag with GPS.

Let’s do a little happy dance, shall we?

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