Feeling Stressed? Quick! Seek Out the Color Blue!


Color affects our mood, feelings, and emotions. It’s that simple. Glancing at a particular color can leave you feeling anxious, or stressed, or calm and relaxed.

If you’ve been to a spa, you’ve probably noticed the use of the color blue on the walls, or in the accents used to decorate the spa. That’s because no other color helps us unwind like the color blue. It triggers feelings of peace and relaxation instantly, and has been scientifically proven to help reduce stress.

Feeling stressed right now? Take a moment to look at the image of sky and water above with its variations of blues. It’s bound to help change your mood for the better.

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What’s Your Sleep Position?


Do you have a favorite sleep position? In a recent study, Dr. Calvin Kai-Ching Yu, an associate professor at Hong Kong Shue Yan University, examined the sleeping patterns of 700 adults. “Sleep position—whether you sleep on your back, belly, or side—can affect what you dream about,” says Dr. Yu. He found that sleeping on your belly evokes the strangest, creepiest, and sexiest (yes, sexiest) dreams.

Results of a 2004 study in Sleep and Hypnosis show that people who sleep on their right side generally have happy, calm, and comforting dreams. People who tend to sleep on their left side are prone to more nightmares.

People generally change positions as they sleep throughout the night but sleeping on your side is “by far the most popular, followed by back, and then belly,” says Dr. Yu.

So, if you fall asleep on your belly, you may find yourself… running through an open field at night, storm brewing in the skies above, while holding hands with an alien that looks like George Clooney!

For information on this topic, please visit Prevention.

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(Photo by Natasha Capstick)